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Our department has an excellent international reputation for surgical treatment of diseases of the brain and the spine.

On the following pages we provide detailed information about our department and provide the necessary information for you to get in contact with us. 


Andreas Raabe M.D., Ph.D.

In our opinion, international cutting-edge medicine and personal medical care are intrinsically combined. They are fundamental conditions for providing state of the art medicine.

Specialization is an essential part of modern neurosurgery. It increases knowledge, experience and – most importantly – increases the quality of patient treatment. 

Here we give detailed information about your in-patient hospital stay, including our philosophy regarding treatment, all procedures from admittance to discharge, and contact information.

Physicians, nursing staff, the clinic staff, the outpatient clinic and operating rooms – all may be important for your care. On the following pages we introduce all aspects of our department. 



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